The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

We Call Upon the Author

On Saturday March 14 at 5:00PM Eastern time, Russ Baker will be participating in the Firedoglake Book Salon, hosted by Marcy “Emptywheel” Wheeler. We invite all readers to take part in this live chat with the author.

Russ Baker in Austin

Russ Baker will be taking Family of Secrets on the road for an appearance at BookPeople in Austin, Texas on March 24 at 7pm. Russ will be signing copies, answering questions, and reading from the book. If you would like to bring Russ Baker to your hometown, send an e-mail to

Gore Vidal Has Something to Say

“Never pass up the opportunity to have sex or appear on television,” the eminent historian and novelist Gore Vidal once said. Living up to his own dictum, here’s Gore Vidal appearing on C-SPAN’s Book TV from the Key West Literary Conference. He has some kind things to say about Family of Secrets, beginning at about […]

High Praise

Over at BlogCritics Magazine, Jordan Richardson calls Family of Secrets “extraordinarily startling”: While the Bush Dynasty rushes to paint a coat of golden gloss over Dubya’s “legacy,” this author and this book pushes for the truth, careful examination of the facts, fastidious criticism, and an exploration of one of the most compelling and important political […]

Left, Right, and Center

Enthusiasm for Family of Secrets is coming from all across the political spectrum, from liberal blogs and establishment newspapers to right-leaning publications eager to discover the extent of the Bushes’ effect on the Republican party. Today, listen to Russ Baker on The Lew Rockwell Show, where he discusses “the looting Bush family” with the Libertarian […]

The Next Step

With your help, we can dig one level deeper. Family of Secrets has met with overwhelming approval and excitement. We’re being flooded by requests that we continue to excavate the truth about power in America and today’s world. And we intend to do just that. Meet This investigative reporting website, founded and edited by […]

The Harold Channer Show

Watch Russ Baker discuss his career as an investigative journalist in an hourlong interview with veteran talk show host Harold Channer:

The Lionel Show

Russ Baker appeared on Air America’s “Lionel Show” earlier today. That interview can be listened to at Air America’s website: Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Sign of the Times

Revelations detailed in Family of Secrets made their way to the front page of Sunday’s New York Times. In the article “John Dean’s Role at Issue in Nixon Tapes Feud,” Patricia Cohen covers the academic scandal surrounding Stanley Kutler’s omissions and elisions in his book-length compendium of the Nixon tapes, Abuse of Power. Cohen writes: […]

San Diego Weighs In

From Sunday’s San Diego Union-Tribune: Eight years later and many of us are still wondering: How in the world did George W. Bush become president? How did Dubya, of all people, even reach a point where he could become president? Partisan carping? Sue me. Better yet, read Russ Baker’s scathing “Family of Secrets: The Bush […]


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