The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

Russ Baker on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan

They're back!

Did you think that in 2008 you were saying goodbye, forever, to the Bush clan? Well, guess what? They’re back, baby.   Who engineered the 2010 GOP election sweep? Karl Rove. And who has he worked for throughout his career? The Bushes. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is already being touted as a possible candidate for the […]

Russ Baker on the PBS station WGBH, with host Emily Rooney

Russ Baker appears on the PBS station WGBH with host Emily Rooney to discuss the stunning revelations contained in his new book on the Bush Dynasty,”Family of Secrets.” Interview topics range from George Bush Senior’s secret life in intelligence work preceding his directorship of the CIA; answers to why the elder Bush cannot remember where […]

Kwiatkowski Praises Family of Secrets

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, former NSA and Pentagon official and arch-critic of the Iraq invasion, has strongly recommended Family of Secrets. She recently discussed the book and offered her own thoughts on the Bushes in a column for I recently read Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets, because Lew interviewed Russ Baker and it sounded […]

Russ's Reporting on W.'s Intent to Invade Iraq in Spotlight

This past Tuesday, June 2, Political Affairs Magazine ran a column by Sherwood Ross on Russ’s 2004 blockbuster pre-election scoop about George W. Bush’s intent, expressed back in 1999, to invade Iraq.  Yesterday, The Raw Story’s John Byrne picked up the story. His detailed piece discusses the 2004 article as well as coverage of Family […]

Join TPMCafe Book Club's Discussion of Family of Secrets

This week, TPMCafe Book Club is featuring Family of Secrets.  Russ has kicked off the conversation with an introduction to the book.  Respondents include fellow authors Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher, Greg Anrig of The Century Foundation, and Craig Unger. You don’t want to miss this discussion.  And don’t be afraid to add your […]

Liberal Oasis

Here’s another new Russ Baker radio interview with “Liberal Oasis,” broadcasting from Western Massachusetts. The interview with Russ begins slightly less than half way through the mp3.

New Radio Interview

Listen to Russ Baker in an interview with WSLR (Sarasota, FL) conducted just last week.

Russ on Alex Jones

This week, Russ Baker appeared live in studio on Alex Jones TV. You can watch a clip below, and other clips from the interview are available on YouTube:

Reader's Choice

Family of Secrets is a Reader’s Pick over at the Christian Science Monitor website. Read more here.


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