The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

Vic Berger IV’s Tribute to Jeb Bush

Cue the Bush Fanfare, Complete with Typos

This weekend, Jeb Bush spoke to a conference of automobile dealers in San Francisco.  The topic of conversation? Why, his father, George H. W. Bush, of course! The proud son told his captive audience about the time Poppy “humbly helped Gorbachev when all hope was lost.”  This type of leadership, Jeb argued, significantly impacted the “lack of bloodshed” involved […]

Hey, GOP! This Looks Like ‘Cult of Personality’

Two days ago, the RNC’s Twitter account (@GOP) posted the following tweet: “The @GeorgeHWBush socks have been flying off the shelves. Get yours before its too late.” The link is embedded with an image of the former President next to the colorful socks and the words “Contribute $35 or more today!” prominently display the RNC’s message. […]

President George H.W. Bush saddened by Passing of “Dear Friend” King Abdullah

Remember this from page 261 of Family of Secrets? “Besides the scrubbing operation and the cooking of intelligence to order, Poppy oversaw some intriguing new projects. He enlisted the Saudis to provide financing for agency covert operations that Congress had barred or refused to fund.  In effect, Bush privatized U.S. covert operations. This program, which […]

I Might Know Who Shot the President

On the afternoon of November 22, 1963, George H.W. Bush, an “oilman” running for the US senate from Texas, called the FBI office in his hometown of Houston. He wanted it known that he was in a smaller city and therefore not Dallas, where the president had just been killed, but that he had a […]

Must Be Another George Bush

A previously unknown 1963 memo from the desk of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was discovered in the 1980s. The subject was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy just days earlier. The memo mentioned a briefing provided to “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.” At the time of the document’s discovery, Bush […]

Mayday 1-2-3: The plane crash that doesn’t add up

Three different, conflicting accounts George H.W. Bush provided of what happened when his WWII plane went down, his crew perished, and only he survived. (Stay tuned for more whoppers to come)

What me, James Bond? Bush’s secret spook past

George H.W Bush’s claim to be an intelligence newbie when appointed CIA director in 1976—versus what he actually was, a longtime clandestine CIA operative. (Stay tuned for more whoppers to come)


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