Russ Baker Interviewed for The Politic: The Yale College Journal of Politics

President Clinton And President George W. Bush Launch Presidential Leadership Scholars Program

Madeleine Colbert recently spoke to Russ Baker about the nature of political dynasties and quoted him in her article on the topic for Yale’s The Politic:

How do you start building your political dynasty? Unfortunately, someone has to do the hard work and pave the road to a political office. This could be you, or you can shift the burden to another family member. Russ Baker, investigative journalist and author of Family of Secrets, a history of the Bushes, outlines this scenario.

“There have been people [in America history] who don’t want to be in politics who are the power behind the throne,” explains Baker. “They engineer the election of a sibling or a child who likes the limelight and may be more charismatic. There are a few examples of that actually, where the quieter member of the family was sort of the master planner.”

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