The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

What They Don’t Tell You About Oil Industry Tax Breaks

Wonder why the Senate couldn’t bring itself to clamp down on oil industry freebies? Because the “black gold” outfits can be one scary bunch. How scary? You have no idea….

Russ with Thom Hartmann: Bush Secret Motive in Iraq

Russ talks to Thom Hartmann about Bush’s personal motivation for invading Iraq…Thom asks about revelations found in Family of Secrets

Lew Rockwell interviews Russ on his popular show (taped Dec, 2010)

Jonathan Rowe, 1946-2011(Jon was Senior Editor at WhoWhatWhy)

Jonathan Rowe was, by inclination, an unobtrusive man. He moved through this world quietly, and he left quietly. He did not promote himself. He was not comfortable seeking recognition. He concentrated instead on substance. Jon died the other day, abruptly, with no warning of any kind, and left behind a wife, Mary Jean, and an […]


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