Must Be Another George Bush

A previously unknown 1963 memo from the desk of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was discovered in the 1980s. The subject was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy just days earlier. The memo mentioned a briefing provided to “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.” At the time of the document’s discovery, Bush was in the midst of his successful 1988 campaign for the presidency. Since it was previously thought his short 1976 directorship was Bush’s only CIA experience, his office was asked about the memo. Bush denied that the memo referred to him. His office said it might have been another George Bush working for the CIA at the time—and the agency, breaking longstanding rules, rushed to agree that it was another man, whom it said could no longer be found. However, an author found that other man, a George William Bush. He said that he had been hired shortly before the Kennedy assassination for reasons unclear, was given an entry level job and had never received any briefings of that kind’ and left the agency just months later.

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