Japan Times: W. the Movie Too Sycophantic? Try Family of Secrets Instead!

Japan Times today ran a review of “W.”, the Oliver Stone movie, and gave it 3 out of 5 stars for being too mild and not revealing enough.  The reviewer, Giovanni Fazio, concludes by urging readers to follow the movie up with Russ’s very own Family of Secrets:

Much of the film appears to be based on books by Ron Suskind, Bob Woodward, Ronald Kessler, Scott McClellan and others, and that is the film’s weakest point: All this stuff has been discussed endlessly over the past few years, and “W.” contains no surprises. Viewers seeking the vast rightwing conspiracy of “JFK” — not to mention its groundbreaking stylistic construction — will be disappointed. “Family of Secrets,” by reporter Russ Baker, should satisfy that urge, with a boatload of wild allegations that come tantalizingly close to being proven.

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