The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.


The following errors in the hardcover edition of Family of Secrets were corrected in the paperback version:

  • E. Howard Hunt did not attend Yale; he went to Brown University.
  • The testimony of General Vernon Walters before Congress occurred on May 14, 1973, not March 14, 1973, as stated on page 235.
  • Jack Gleason did not serve as best man at Lowell Weicker’s wedding, as stated on page 212.
  • Joseph McBride found the J. Edgar Hoover memo at the Cal State San Bernardino Library, not in a public library as stated on page 7. He was not working for Variety in 1985.
  • Lewis “Scooter” Libby did not receive a pardon from President George W. Bush. His sentence was commuted, but he was not pardoned.

The following error inadvertently reappeared in the paperback edition:

  • Ben Bradlee did not attend Yale; he went to Harvard University.
  • A second mention of Hunt attending Yale was inadvertently carried over from the hardcover to the paperback.
  • A commentary on the discussion between LBJ and Earl Warren, in which LBJ sought to persuade Warren to head a commission investigating the Kennedy assassination, mischaracterized the conversation. Johnson was referring to how he had persuaded Warren to serve. He did so by presenting Warren with purported information about an Oswald visit to the Soviet consulate in Mexico City. He was not blackmailing Warren.
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