Cue the Bush Fanfare, Complete with Typos

jeb bush

This weekend, Jeb Bush spoke to a conference of automobile dealers in San Francisco.  The topic of conversation? Why, his father, George H. W. Bush, of course! The proud son told his captive audience about the time Poppy “humbly helped Gorbachev when all hope was lost.”  This type of leadership, Jeb argued, significantly impacted the “lack of bloodshed” involved in the Soviet Union’s fall.  It also did not hurt that, in Jeb’s own words, his father “steadfastly supported coal when no one else in Europe showed the same kind of commitment.”

That is quite some legacy to protect…Let us look at how the Herald-Tribune, a newspaper from Jeb’s home state, covered this story; Sentence one:

“More than just running for the White House to help his own legacy, former Gov. Jeb Bush’s status as a frontrunner for the presidency in 2016 is helping him draw more attention to the overlooked successes of his father’s presidency from 1988 to 2002.”

Well, sorry Jeremy Wallace but George H. W. Bush was certainly not President for fourteen years, nor did his first term begin in 1988. However, it may be a fitting typo for a family whose legacy never seems to end.

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