The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

James Moore Praises Book at Huffington Post

James Moore, the bestselling author of Bush’s Brain and Bush’s War for Reelection, has just devoted this week’s Huffington Post blog to praising Family of Secrets:

History will not abide any further distortions of the Bush record, and when researchers seek to understand what happened to our country under the Bush family regime, let’s hope they find their way to the phenomenal work of Russ Baker. Family of Secrets is much more than a non-fiction narrative of political history; Baker has created an historical document that is, ultimately, an act of courageous patriotism for a nation in need of self-examination and the truth.

The Bush Dynasty Bull's-Eye

Vanity Fair presents an exclusive “21st century Power Crib Sheet” based on the revelations in Family of Secrets. Design by Linda Eckstein.

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Interview with Russ Baker at Buzzflash

Mark Karlin at Buzzflash just posted a new interview with Russ Baker about Family of Secrets. Here’s a taste:

BuzzFlash: What is the biggest “bombshell” in Family of Secrets?

Russ Baker: Based on early feedback, I’d say there are a number of contenders. Could be the four chapters of never-before-revealed facts surrounding the JFK assassination. Or the evidence I have uncovered suggesting a new interpretation of Watergate. Some are most intrigued by the new examples of George W. as a naughty fellow and moral hypocrite — including on the matter of abortion. And some say that my examination of W.’s military service record is especially effective in settling the dispute over whether this eager-beaver “warrior king” skipped out on his own military obligations. Finally, some are most struck by the new evidence of a cynical calculation behind George W’s so-called religious rebirth.

For me, the big story is simply the cumulative sense, based on hundreds and hundreds of fresh facts, of the extent to which elites write our history. And the realization that, as we flee the Bush years, we remain utterly in the dark about so much. 

New Review at

David Swanson has just posted his consideration of Family of Secrets at

If you buy into the basic outlines of [Baker’s case], you come up against a history of American politics in which our top “elected” officials are not just chosen through a process openly corrupted by money and media and parties, but are also chosen through a process of covert ops. Kennedy was replaced by Johnson because he was more obedient to Texas oilmen. Nixon was replaced by Ford for similar reasons. Bush Sr. made a deal with Iran not to release American hostages until Reagan defeated Carter. Bush Sr. and Jr. ran election campaigns that employed CIA-like techniques. It’s a compelling narrative with probably a great deal of truth to it…

Excerpt on Huffington Post

That’s right — The Huffington Post has published an excerpt from Chapter 20, “The Skeleton In W.’s Closet.”

Also, over at The Raw Story, you can read a guest column by Russ Baker called “Watergate and the Future: News for 2009.” Russ’s piece outlines the provocative and challenging new perspective on Watergate presented in Family of Secrets.


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