The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

Liberal Oasis

Here’s another new Russ Baker radio interview with “Liberal Oasis,” broadcasting from Western Massachusetts. The interview with Russ begins slightly less than half way through the mp3.

New Radio Interview

Listen to Russ Baker in an interview with WSLR (Sarasota, FL) conducted just last week.

Russ on Alex Jones

This week, Russ Baker appeared live in studio on Alex Jones TV. You can watch a clip below, and other clips from the interview are available on YouTube:

Reader's Choice

Family of Secrets is a Reader’s Pick over at the Christian Science Monitor website. Read more here.

We Call Upon the Author

On Saturday March 14 at 5:00PM Eastern time, Russ Baker will be participating in the Firedoglake Book Salon, hosted by Marcy “Emptywheel” Wheeler.

We invite all readers to take part in this live chat with the author.


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