The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

Special LiveTweet, Thursday, August 6

Do you see the inherent humor in the Republican presidential contest? Family of Secrets author (and WhoWhatWhy Editor) Russ Baker does. Russ has been known to tweet hilarious instant “analysis” during past presidential debates, and he will do so again on Thursday, both for the “unpopular Republicans” debate from 5-6pm ET and during the “leading […]

Russ Baker Interviewed for The Politic: The Yale College Journal of Politics

Madeleine Colbert recently spoke to Russ Baker about the nature of political dynasties and quoted him in her article on the topic for Yale’s The Politic: How do you start building your political dynasty? Unfortunately, someone has to do the hard work and pave the road to a political office. This could be you, or […]


Facebook reader comment in response to WhoWhatWhy’s “The Curious Timing of Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate ‘Revelation.’”  

Bush v. Baker: Battle of the Books—and the Truth

Investigative journalist Russ Baker provides the stunning counter-story to what’s in George W. Bush’s new book.

Reader: was this Gore Vidal’s last read?

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